Frequently Asked Questions


How has Covid-19 affected Physiotherapy at HBP?


We are currently still treating in the rooms, we are extremely fortunate to be located inside of a controlled medical environment, supported by health care industry leaders. Internally we are screening all clients before allowing them to sit in the waiting room, we are continuing our high standards of hand sanitisation and washing every bed sheet, towel and pillow after each use. We are also spraying and wiping down all surfaces touched by any client in treatment rooms and gymnasium. 

What is Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Telehealth has been developed for all clients who have been instructed too, do not feel comfortable leaving the home or even just enjoy the idea of receiving Physiotherapy from the home. It will allow us to effectively diagnose, educate and give you a comprehensive plan through a secure network on how to best manage your injury through this continually changing landscape

What technology do I need to use Telehealth Physiotherapy?

All you need is access to a smart phone or a laptop/desktop with a camera attached. You will not need to download any software.


How do we book in for Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointment?

The same way you have always booked, you can call our lovely reception staff on 9393 3988, or follow the Book Now button, tap on Physiotherapy and you will see the two new options available, Video and Call consultation. This is the same for new clients as well.

What happens after I book my Telehealth appointment?

As usual you will receive a text the day before reminding you of your consultation,

the day of the appointment you will receive an email of which you simply follow the

prompts, you will then join the virtual waiting room and await the call from the

Hobsons Bay Physiotherapist, please see attached video or call 9393 3988.